Diabetes and Management tools

After the diagnosis of diabetes, there are a few diabetes-related tools that you will either have to purchase or have access to. I recommend buying a glucose meter, but before you do this, be sure you have access to the meter test strips; because this is the real source of expense. You need to check your blood glucose readings several times per day, if your blood glucose is poorly controlled. You will also need lancets to use each one, just once, and you may also need a lancing device as well. If you take insulin you may need an insulin pen or pump.

To ensure accurate readings, be sure that your test strips have not expired and try not to leave your meter and test strips out in the sun. There may be a calibration code or a control solution that you can use to ensure that your meter is well calibrated especially when you open a box of new test strips. Compare your meter to your doctor’s and ask for help if you need to. Remember that your blood pressure monitor, pedometer and an A1C meter may all be part of your arsenal in diabetes management. Also be sure to have a container for your sharps such as your needles or lancets.

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